Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Oliver Happy Birthday Hudson

Hi Everyone

Today is Hudson's 1st Birthday and today is Oliver's 1st birthday :)

We are having a party on Saturday, but we just had our family celebration today, it was nice and the boys had a really good day with a playdate in the morning a long nap in the afternoon and McDonald's, cupcakes, and presents tonight, enjoy the pics, I will post more pics after their party on Saturday!!!!

I also added some other candid shots :)

On our way to Saskatchewan for Christmas the sun kept getting in Jackson's eyes so he borrow my sunglasses, here he is napping with them on!

All bundled up to go and see the tractors and combine!

I wonder if Uncle Morley will let me drive this all by myself ???

Jackson had fun riding on the snowmobile, he liked that Uncle Morley didn't go too fast.

Here is Jackson trying out the other snowmobile

We have a tent downstairs and Hudson and Oliver love playing in it, they are always chasing each other into the tent and giggling away :)

Here are my little cuties again, Hudson in the red and Oliver in the yellow!!!!

Hi Hudson

Hudson and cousin Cadence

No matter how many times we tell them no, and no matter how many times we pull them away, they insist on standing right infront of the TV

Happy Birthday meal, our first cheeseburgers from McDonald's, Hudson loves fries, they just woke up right before supper so I think they're still a bit out of it ;)

Happy Birthday my sweet Oliver!!!!!!

Don't touch Hudson, we saw earlier today what happened when Oliver touched the candle OUCH!!!!!
Happy Birthday my little chunko Hudson!!!! We love you!!!

Oh Mom this food is soooo Yummy, thanks for the good meal!!!!!!

Hudson definitely has a sweet tooth, he just gobbled up his cupcake!!!!

Oliver was quite excited with the money he got in his card, hMMMM what will I buy ??

Hudson wasn't as excited about cash, I think he'll be a saver !!!!!!

Hey Oliver and Hudson, I have a little trick, everytime mom and dad say "look at the camera", just look away and see how many times it takes them to take this picture!!!

Hudson and Oliver got these new chairs for their birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Bowering, they love Jackson's and now they have one of their own.

Here are my little readers!!!! Thanks Bryan and Tara-Lynn for these great books and the clothes, we love you guys!!!!! Come and play with us anytime!!!!

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K said...

Great Pictures!! I can't believe that Oliver and Hudson are 1! I love the cupcake pics......looks delicious!
The Kvists