Saturday, September 06, 2008

Family Fun

This is a picture of Pisew Falls. We went to Thompson, Manitoba for 1 week b/c John had to work there. These waterfalls are about 1 hour outside of Thompson and the are BEAUTIFUL. As we drove to Thompson, we saw the sign for the falls and decided to take a much needed break and stretch our legs. It was relaxing and very peaceful, I'm really glad we made the stop.

More pics of the falls

Jackson and Hudson with Dad. This pic is a bit dark, so I apologize.

This was the walkway leading to the falls, as you can see Jackson was having a blast.

Mom with Oliver and Jackson.

Me and my double troubles.

Oliver after bathtime, they LOVE the water.

Hudson after bath time.

Jackson bought this hammer for Oliver at the dollar store. Its funny b/c its bigger than him, but he loves it.

Posing for a pic to send to grandma and grandpa Herman. Hudson, Jackson and Oliver

Jackson was able to go to Toys R Us before we went to Thompson to choose a toy to bring with him on the trip. After alot of thought and going down the aisles many times he was satisfied with his monster John Deere Truck and Bucket John Deere Tractor.

GOOOOOD Morning Hudson

OHHHHH big stretches, gooood morning Oliver!!!

Here is Oliver with the XBOX controller, you can see that the play and charge kit is attatched. The other day I was in the kitchen and all the boys were in the living room. All of a sudden Jackson comes running in and says, Mom come quick,hurry, come and see what the brother is doing. Hurry!!!! - as I went into the living room, Oliver had the controller and was pulling the cord (these controllers are wireless, it was just charging, so for the most part there are never cords around.) Oliver was pulling the cord and had 1/2 the XBOX off the shelf. I carefully put everything back and put the cord away - jackson promptly scolded Oliver - "NO brother thats bad, very bad, no touching the XBOX" - I see that daddy has taught him well, I think we need to teach daddy to put those cords away, I take no responsibility when it comes to the XBOX - its all on John.

oooops you caught me mommy, but if Oliver gets the white controller, I want the black one!!!

Dad's teaching me early how to play all those fun XBOX games, so he can bring me to all those XBOX parties he loves sooo much - look out guys, the Bowering men are in training!!

Picture 1 : Oliver or Hudson???

Picture 2: Oliver or Hudson??

Picture 1: ITS ME OLIVER

Picture 2: Its me Hudson

Hudson and Oliver

Hudson and Oliver - I thought it was hard just getting one kid to focus but having them both look at the same time is a challenge and Oliver was much more interested in holding Hudson's hand, they like to do that lots!!!

Its me Oliver

Its Me Hudson

Jackson and Hudson



mommy took this picture for the lady's at daycare - it says "what happens at daycare, stays at daycare"

Hudson and Oliver - they are the best of friends always wanted to be together!!!


mr zig said...

hey - great post! by the way, your boys are super cute!! (but i guess you know that) - just remember how cute they were in say... 16 years? - when they ALL want the car at the same time? hehehe

K said...

I got it right! Total guess but I got it right! Handsome little men!!

Anonymous said...

Nola! Those pics of Hudson & Oliver in their "guess who" pics are crazy!! What a cute bunch of little boys you have there. I'm going to have to hold my girls back! LOL!! Hope you're all doing well. Let's talk soon.

XOXO - Candice