Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Is Here!!!

Hi Everyone

I trust everyone is doing well. Well spring is finally here. We just love the great weather. We finally have been able to break in the new wagon and Jackson absolutely loves it. We have been busy here in the Bowering household. About 3 weeks ago we went to Minot, North Dakota to see my sister and her family. We had a great time with them and the cousins sure enjoyed playing together. Following our trip was my spring break. John also took the week off. John and his dad were busy with the basement building the new walls, roughing in the plumbing for our new bathroom, putting up the new exterior walls, the new pantry and getting ready to put in new insulation. Let me tell you it was pretty scary the morning I left to go out and here comes John with this jackhammer and telling me how awesome it is going to be. My only response was (do you guys even know how to use a jackhammer?) to which the guys replied, don't worry about it, isn't this awesome?? MEN
Don't get me wrong I appreciate and love the fact that my husband is handy and can do all this stuff himself but sometimes there is just too much testosterone, so I must head to dollarama or superstore and get my fix of shopping!!!

We went home to Saskatchewan for Easter to visit my family. We really had a nice time, I got to see my Grandma who is in the hospital so that was nice. The Easter bunny even came to visit so that made Jackson happy.

We attended our first Moose game as well just recently. John along with many others in the Calvary Temple choir sang O Canada, they sounded great!!! Jackson loved the lights at the start of the game, it was pretty cool.

I also got tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert, I know, most of you are thinking "WHY" but I love him... part of me thinks it is a mid life crisis and John refuses to go with me. He said he doesn't even want to know what will happen to me when Justin Timberlake first comes out on stage. But here is my philosophy.... he is performing on August 25th.... that concert sold out in 6 minutes... apparently the fastest ever for the MTS centre. So when my man J Timberlake said he'd put on another concert, I knew this was a sign!!!!!! Did you know that to date, the only back to back Justin Timberlake concerts are in New York and LA. John told me I have to take one of my sisters, but if either of them can't make it down, then John will be going. My friends told me I need a boyfriend, then he would go with me, but now that I have a husband I'm out of luck. I guess its only fair not to make John go.... I don't make him watch chick flicks, If I do, I hear a constant sighing, so I just don't watch chick flicks with him. Also he doesn't make me go to XBOX parties, thank goodness, I think it's good for him to get out with his guy friends and have male bonding, I encourage him to go out alot with the guys, we have a good agreement and it works. Don't worry I'll keep you updated if John has to come to the concert. I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT.

Hope all is good with everyone, enjoy all our pics. See you soon!!!!

So here is my ticket.... I have row 1 of the balcony, I felt these were good seats and I'm very happy with that.
Check out this cool horse Lauren and I are on. We are infront of Applebee's and we thought this horse was funny so Mom needed a picture. These horses are all over Minot and are just like our polar bears here in Winnipeg..... each one is showing support for Cancer.

I love the bathtub , I just recently was swimming at the Centennial pool and I loved going down the slide:) Here we are getting ready for rollerblading, its so nice just to sit her and have Auntie, Mom and Dad push us!!!

Sometimes I like to take off my pants in bed and sleep like this :)
I'm bringing SEXY back :)
Grandma Bowering took me for a ride in the house and I put all my critters in as well.
The Winnipeg Easter Bunny visited me early!!!!! Look at all the good stuff I got :)
Hurry someone help me open these cheezies before mom comes. I bet no one would notice my orange fingers on this white carpet.
Holy Cow, the Saskatchewan Easter Bunny came as well, I wonder if mom will let me have chocolate for breakfast.
It was great fun getting up really early in the morning everyday, mom and dad didn't enjoy getting up at 6:00am SASK time, how are we suppose to know about time changes.
Look at Lauren's silly Dora hat, do you think I look cute?
Look how cute we look, we're getting ready for church on Easter Sunday.
I made this egg for mom and dad for Easter, I think did a great job with my colouring technique.
I know what you're thinking ..... PINK sunglasses on a boy...... here's the thing, these sunglasses are for my friend Victoria but I just needed to try them on, I love them. Mom says I can have a pair but Dad said they must be blue, brown, or black, NO PINK NO PINK.... don't tell dad but I side with my mommy, pink is a great colour.

Happy Spring everyone!!!!!!!


Ali Kat said...

Great pics :) Justin Timberlake! What are you thinking ;)

Nigel said...

John, what's wrong with you, man?! JT's FutureSex/LoveShow is so hot right now! Frankly, I'm disappointed in you.

I would like to point out that John's friend, Bryan...reluctantly...went to a James Blunt concert with his wife.

And what's wrong with Jackson's pink sunglasses?! I'll bet JT wouldn't be afraid to rock a pair of hot pink shades, and hey, you know he doesn't have aaaany trouble with the ladies. Just ask Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansonn and Jessica Biel. Haven't you heard? The gay is so IN right now.

Nigel said...

...but jackhammering concrete in your own house IS awesome, I will grant you that.