Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Have Been Tagged

So I have been tagged by Ali (http://www.alikatmb.blogspot.com/) . I am suppose to tell you all why it is that I started blogging. Well that answer is simple, see the picture below :

We felt that we wanted to show the world our amazing son!!!! Also, this way people can check back as often as they want to see what is new in our lives and then I'm not bombarding people with emails with tons of attatched pics. My husband John, started this blog, he is very technologically wise. He knows so much about computers. So when we first started our blog, I would just sit beside him at the computer, tell him which pictures I wanted and then he would set up the post screen and I would write my little blurb and he would take care of the rest. He started encouraging me to do this myself and once I saw how EASY it was, I was hooked. I would like to post more blog entries but with work and a toddler keeping me so busy I only get posts up every once in awhile. I love reading many blogs daily and get caught up on other's lives. So there you have it.

I am tagging Brook (www.thecnewmans.blogspot.com) Girl, get me more pics, I am also tagging Anna (www.anna-lifeitself.blogspot.com)


Ali Kat said...

Thanks for writing. At least I know that you're still reading my blog ;)

Ali Kat said...

Hope you see this ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you had a good one :D