Thursday, September 10, 2015

Still more summer fun!!

 Enjoying some last days of swimming at the cottage.  September long weekend brought beautiful warm weather and warm water, it was great!!

 Jackson BBQ'ing chicken..he said, this is HOT, then wanted to know what he could chop next.

 Morning breakfast, enjoying pancakes on the griddle!!

 We decided to head out to an island which the boys have now named "Nola's Island".  We set up camp and tented it for the evening.   I am not a fan of tenting but the beautiful view, wonderful weather and good times with John and the boys, made this a very enjoyable weekend!!!
Check out the pics below!

 John and I slept in the tent hidden in the trees, and the boys took the red tent.

The last day before school starts, Grandma and Grandpa Bowering, picked up the boys early in the morning and spent the day with them.  Taking them exploring in a new park and eating out for lunch.  They then explored the creek.  They had a great time and grandma and grandpa said their behaviour was a 10 out of 10.  
Last but not least, I got to experience Miss Janet Jackson in concert.   This was unbelievable...something I won't forget for a long time.  It was an amazing show, I stood almost the whole time, singing along to all her hits.  It was fabulous!!!

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