Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer has begun!!!

 My fun flower area!

 Hudson getting his soccer trophy!

 Oliver getting his trophy!

 Bunch o Balloons, fills up about 33 balloons in under a minute!

 Balloon fight!!

 Learning how to kayak and loving it!!  Jackson and Hudson!!

 They couldn't get enough of this, they went continuously all weeekend!

 Oliver wasn't sure on his first attempt but he ended up loving it as well

 Jackson knee boarding, thanks Uncle Matt for helping him!

 A crazy storm hit and flew me into the water, Oliver drew this picture and said, mom that's you flying in the air!

 Oliver, Cadence, Alice and John

Alice, Oliver,and Hudson
 Loving the tube ride with my boys!!

Meeting up with friends after the cottage for ice cream!

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