Monday, March 03, 2014

The Month of February

 The winter here has been way too long.  We just want spring to arrive.  We have had alot of time indoors.  Here is Jackson, hanging out watching the Jets game!

 My sister Pam and I at one of our favourite restaurants in Winnipeg - Pizzeria Gusto !!

 Travis, Pam, myself and John, sitting on the river at The Forks - it was a cold night, but this was fun :)

 We felt it was time to redo the boys' rooms.  This picture makes me a bit sad - Hudson is so excited to paint over the mural.  This pirate mural was so much fun!

 Jackson's airplane mural - soon to become a hockey room!

 My 3 Voyageurs!  
Oliver, Jackson, Hudson

 Indoor fun on a cold cold day!

 Jackson's room.  I still have a few more details to add, and we are just finishing up the hockey stick headboard :)

I will add another pic soon once it is assembled in Jackson's room :)
 All attached, and set up!

 Hudson and Oliver's video game wall.

John's curling team - they are all dressed as The Dude from the Big Lebowski - I wonder how long it will take before John realizes I put this picture on the blog ;)

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