Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Mexican Vacation

 Can you say relaxation -   I realize there are a TON of pictures on this post, but this was an incredible trip so we wanted to capture as many memories as possible - thank you Grandma and Grandpa Bowering for this trip.  We are going to remember this trip for a very long time, we cannot thank you enough - so much fun, we loved everything about it!!!
Here we are relaxing in the pool with some cold drinks, soaking up the rays!!!  

 I believe this was our second night out to dinner at an ala carte restaurant, my hair wasn't loving the humidity but the weather was great, hot, hot and more hot!!! 

 On the bridge on our way to dinner, there is Grandpa Bowering taking a picture of us - I haven't gotten Grandpa Bowering's pictures yet, so those will be a part 2 to the blog!!!

 View from the bridge!!

 The beach, we spent time here every day.  The snorkeling was beautiful, Oliver didn't like it at first but they boys couldn't get over the colorful fish, the stingrays, coral and plants!!

 Digging in the sand was another highlight.... I just love the colors of the ocean!!!
Our last day, we said good bye to the ocean, a few tears were shed as we did not want to leave this beautiful place!

 Out at the buffet for dinner with Cathy, Jamie, Will.... our family and g-ma and g-pa Bowering!!

 Took in a show on Monday night, this was the fire show, really neat!!

 View from the inside of our hotel room, open roof... so green and lush, beautiful!!!

 View of our room

 Heading out to breakfast with the boys and wanting to take some pics of the resort!!!

 Heading to breakfast!

 Posing for Dad.... all Jackson wants is BACON

 Time for breakfast, Jackson loved all the bacon and donuts!!!! It's vacation time, so we let them have whatever they wanted!!!

 Hard to see but FLAMINGOS!!!

 A beautiful church!

 This pool was the "ROCK POOL" -   this pool was located along the ocean, the floor was sand and fish could filter in and out.  The boys LOVED it.... they loved snorkeling around and checking out the fish, it was a unique place to hang out!

 More pics at the rock pool!!

 They boys with their spiderman drinks and I think Jackson has a Roy Rogers!!! (we were calling them Shirley Temples, then G-pa Bowering told me boys call them Roy Rogers ;) 

 Another view of the rock pool, same place the fire show was at!!!

 For the fire show we sat on the tiered levels!!!

 I thought this areas was so beautiful with the beds to relax on and the beach chairs.  At night the top area was a dance party.  Cathy and I danced it up one night.   IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN ..... reminded me of my times  with my university gal pals..... and then at the end of the dance party there was a Michael Jackson impersonator.... Well.... I almost peed my pants.... a story that is done more justice if I tell you in person, but  IT     WAS      AWESOME!!!!!!!


 enjoying lunch!!!

 Out to another ALA CARTE Restaurant -   I love my family so much..... Oliver, Jackson, and Hudson, you are my little rockstars.... I love you very much!!!!

John Bowering..... what can I say.... you are my rock, you are my best friend...... love you more and more everyday!!!

 John and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage this year, so I thought this photo opp  was the perfect one to celebrate it..... I will be putting this one in a frame!!

 Here at the Mayan Ruins.... these next pics make me laugh, b/c it was soooo hot... the boys were troopers but just the expression on their faces  tells it all!!!!

 Why are were here??  Why are you making us take pictures when we could be swimming in the ocean??

 Show me your muscles!!!

 Family Photo!!!  love it!!!

 Towel art!!

 Enjoying crepes at the buffet!!!!   

 Oh Will, I miss you already, so much fun hanging out with you and your mom and dad!!!   

 Jamie taking Hudson, Oliver, and me out on the hobby cat... so much fun, thank you Jamie ... this was great!!!

 Cathy and Jamie!

 Uncle Matt, taking some time to spin Hudson and Oliver.... they loved doing this over and over again!!!

 Enjoying some pizza in the Cancun airport before we go home ... we did not want to leave 
Cadence, Jackson , and me

Hudson and Oliver enjoying pizza!!!!


Lois Thiessen Derksen said...

I don't have your email address. So I am writing on here to wish you a happy birthday!

It looks like you had a fab holiday! So well deserved for a teacher.

I hope you have a day full of joy and love.


Bowering said...

Lois, I thought of you many times on July 9th, hope your birthday was FABULOUS!! Hope your boys spoiled you!!!
We will have to get together soon and catch up!!