Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

 Christmas Eve service at our church, here we are lighting the Advent Candles

 Santa left the boys a sled and a hockey table!!!

 We spent a few days at the cottage this year, what a great time, hiking, having fun... these aren't all the pictures, I plan to upload more soon.
Hudson on a hike, Jackson, close behind!

 Oliver and Dad - 2 cool dudes!

 Making the trek up the hill!!

 Hudson again!

 Taking a slow spin on the ski doo!

 Cleared off some ice to play hockey with grandma and grandpa!

 Resting after a long hike, it was beautiful, the trail was all covered over with trees and snow, it was a winter wonderland, so beautiful, loved every minute of it!

Enjoying hot chocolate in fancy mugs!!

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