Monday, September 03, 2012

One Last Hurrah at the Cottage

 Hanging out at the cottage on September long weekend 2012 - we had a fabulous time, here are the boys shucking corn with Grandpa for supper !

 Exploring and having fun!

 I took this picture thru the window, both boys wanting to drive the boat!

 Getting ready to head out on an adventure!

 Hudson seemed so relaxed watching a movie like this :)

 Hudson setting the table for dinner Saturday night, preparing for steak fajitas and for dessert - banana quesadillas  :)

 Oliver playing doctor with Dad - checking out his epiglottis.  

 Now checking out dad's ears - all looks good!

 Hmmm Dad.... a scary situation as I look at your feet - let's see......

 Yes, just as I suspected, YOU NEED A PEDICURE :)

 Sunday night the boys hauled up tons of old scrap wood, getting it ready for the fire... they loved walking from under the cottage up to the fire pit area  - they worked very hard!

This is going to be one crazy fire!!

 Oliver lending a hand as well!!

 Here it is !!


 Oliver - so excited!

 Man grandpa - will this pile ever end!

 Grandpa and Hudson!

 Oliver and Hudson enjoying some cereal on Monday morning!

 Jackson catching up on some morning TV!

 We were all packed up ready to leave, bathing suits and all packed and they boys asked...PLEASE, PLEASE JUST ON MORE SWIM, so of course we let them...who needs swimming trunks anyways!!

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