Saturday, June 02, 2012

Hudson, so proud of his trophy!
 Oliver  excited to get his soccer trophy :)

 The Rangers 
Hudson and Oliver in the back row
Jessie in the front :)

 There was a carnival at the soccer tournament which featured a reptile exhibit.  The boys were like magnets to this exhibit.... my heart and head hurt just looking at it.  For those of you who don't know I have a HUGE phobia of snakes but something I do not want to pass on to my boys, so if they wanted to go have a look, I wasn't going to discourage them.  They loved this snake and I was even prouder to get close enough to snap the pic :)  Way to go boys, Jackson and then you see Hudson's hat.

 Jackson, love your enthusiasm!!

 Hudson's head got cut off on the left, then Jackson, Jessie and Oliver standing by, curiously watching :)  

 Jackson, Hudson and Jessie, Oliver asking some very good questions, but not willing to touch :)

 Hudson got ahold of the camera - Daddy being funny :)

 Oliver you are so silly !!

Jackson, so excited to receive his trophy :)

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