Saturday, May 05, 2012

Spring Time

 I haven't posted in awhile, sorry about that, enjoy the pics!!
Here is Hudson Graduating from his first year at Wee College, thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for taking us each week, we love and appreciate you!

 Oliver - Way to go, we are proud of you.
A very special THANK YOU to Karen - You rock thanks for stepping in and bringing them to Wee College, hopefully no more stops at the parking lot :)

 Front row
Hudson on the left and Oliver on the right
Singing their hearts out!!

 Cousin Will and Jackson

Oliver, Will, and Hudson

 Soccer season has started, Jackson and his best bud Josiah, play for the Leafs, Jackson is so excited to play -  his first time he was in goalie, he got distracted by the ice cream truck and the other team scored on him - TOO FUNNY - way to go boys!!!

 Oliver on the left and Hudson on the right, practicing before their game, they play for the Rangers.... Hudson is a power house and Oliver loves Goalie - Oliver will go stand in the opposing teams net just so Hudson can't score -they best part of being on the Rangers is that their good pal Jessie is on their team WOOT WOOT!!

Last but not least, my early Mother's Day gift from my boys - A BIKE - and the best part, they got me a basket for snacks and treasures - thank you boys and John, I love it!!!!

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