Saturday, March 10, 2012

Monster Truck Show

 For those of you who have boys, I think at some point in their life you need to take them to a Monster Truck Show... I really wasn't that excited to go but the boys were so happy to hear they were going to see Monster Jam - Let me tell you I LOVED IT - it was great and the boys had a wonderful time, we even got on the jumbo screen 3 times, that was AWESOME!!!  Here are all the trucks getting ready to start.  Enjoy the pics!!!

 The boys' favourite GRAVE DIGGER

 It was so loud and very entertaining!!

 All the fans loved this guy!!

 Another monster truck!

 More Jumps!!!

 The boys loved that this red one lost it's wheel, you can see it rolling at the top of the picture!!!

 Oliver enjoying a snack!

 Hudson maxing and relaxing, must have those ear plugs!!!

 These guys were crazy, jumping thru the air in their snowmobiles, real daredevils, again CRAZY!!

 John said he would love to fly thru the air like these guys!!!

 Mommy and Jackson!!!

A cool green monster car!!!

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