Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Summer Fun

Taking Time to smell the flowers!!!

Fun at the nature playground with their gal pal Hannah!!!!!

Swinging at the Nature Playground.
Oliver and Hudson!!!

Jackson and Hannah!!!!!

Feeding the ducks!!!

Jackson riding his bike!!!
We taped his feet to the pedals while he was learning and now the tape is no longer needed. We love going with all the boys on bike rides, such fun!!!!

Getting ready for CARS 2 - mom hurry up and get the popcorn!!!!
Extra butter PLEASE

Fun with our American Cousins!!!
Oliver, Lauren, Hudson, Jackson, and Riker!!

Picnic Time!!!

A fun day at tinkertown!!!

Look Grandpa, Just like your boat!!!

Grandpa said he'd let me take his boat for a spin, I better get out to the cottage soon, Jackson and Oliver you get the keys!!!!

John having fun at the Children's museum!!! Building a skyscraper!!!!

Always to the extreme - just adding the final touches!


I loved this clock at front and how it lite up on the hour!!!

Illusion slide!!!

Water fun!!!!


Vegetable faces!!!

They were having so much fun - what a great place!!!!

Mixing C0l0urs!!!





Jackson! Age 5

Hudson! Age 3

Oliver! Age 3

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K said...

Love the adventures! The faces made the kids laugh so hard.