Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza -- and Cottage Fun

I don't know if I have ever mentioned the love of pizza in our home. Almost every Friday is pizza night, sometimes we even have pizza 2 times a week. I wouldn't say that pizza is my #1 favourite food but I married a man who is in love with pizza. I think he could eat it everyday and I think that when I was pregnant with the boys he would secretly talk to my stomach while I was sleeping and repeat the words "pizzza......goood". The boys love pizza, they love to make it and go to restaurants and eat it...... we plan one day to install a pizza oven into our house, as long as I can have whatever I want on my pizza, I am fine and hey, it's an easy meal and keeps everyone happy. Here we are at the cottage - we spent about 10 days out there and we always make pizza - here are some fun shots - Jackson with his fav...... bacon and ham.

Hudson adding the cheese :)

Oliver carefully adding more cheese!!!!!

I am not sure why Hudson is making that crazy face, I think John was doing something funny while I was trying to snap this photo!!!!!!!!

MMMMMMM PIIZZZZZZZAAAAAA, what else could a man ask for!!!!!

This is year 4 of having our good friends Jonathan and Karen to the cottage. Each year we get together it gets easier and easier, we had a BLAST this weekend, so much fun, so many adventures and so much laughing. We love you guys and we look forward to this get together each year. Here the kids are enjoying lunch outside!!!!

Look out Johnny Depp - I'm the next Captain Jack Sparrow!!!!! ARRRRRHH

We ended up having a pirate adventure, Karen and I headed out in the kayaks and then the kids and the dad's came later in the smaller green boat and robbed Karen and I of our gold chocolate coins - don't mess with these pirates!!!!!!

We had one day that got very cold, John thought we needed a fire in the morning and taught Jackson how to prepare and make a fire - he's very good at teaching the boys all these neat things!!!!!

The kids went on a hike with the dad's that morning and explored the island!!!!!

They had to take the cover off the snowmobile and all hop on !!!!!
Born to be Wild
Jessie, Josiah, Hudson, Oliver and Jackson!!!

Standing on the edge of a cliff!!!!

This island has been named "Jackson's Beach" Karen named it last year and we plan to head here many more times.
The Bowering Boys, have a deep discussion!!!!!


Jessie and Jackson, these 2 a very good buds and enjoy hanging out together!!!! They love to cuddle!!!!!

Poor Oliver, so worn out from all the activities!!!!!

Jackson and Josiah, best buddies!!!!


Happy 8 years John!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!

Anniversary flowers!!!!!!!


K said...

Happy Anniversary!

We loved our time at the cottage with all of you! Thanks again for everything!

Lisa said...

Love the updates!!
I'm jealous of your pizza-loving family. I looooooove pizza and could easily eat it for every meal. But alas, my husband doesn't share my adoration for it. Sadness :(