Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Well another Halloween has come and gone, tonight was a bit chilly but as you can see, Winnipeg costumes come equipped with scarfs and mittens!!! Jackson wanted to be Mack Truck again and Hudson and Oliver still loved last years costumes, so it was pretty easy for me. Next year will be the stresser trying to think of 3 cool costumes but hey I have a year to think about it. Life in our household is busy. Jackson is in swimming lessons and piano lessons, loving every minute of it. Hudson and Oliver are in bunk beds and are thrilled to pieces about it. Hudson is on the top and Oliver on the bottom, (the cave). Soon birthday parties for John, Jackson, Oliver, and Hudson, plus Christmas, I think I need a trip to the spa!!! We are loving every minute of this adventure and wouldn't change it for anything!!!!! Only a few pics this time.

Mommy and her boys
Hudson the giraffe, Oliver the lion and my buddy Jackson as Mack Truck!!!!
The boys were so fun to watch this year, especially Oliver and Hudson. Last year we pulled them along in a wagon and they would slowly walk to each door. This year they were running to each door, screaming "trick or treat", having a blast, so great to see they big boys they are becoming!!!

We continued our tradition at our friends place, trick or treating, eating lots of delicious food, and those caramel apples, covered in white chocolate, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar... I am not eating anything this week!!!!
Thanks for always hosting Karen, we wouldn't miss this for anything, we love it.
Jackson, Josiah, Oliver, Abbey, Hudson, and Jessie!!!

Best Buds
Victoria, Jackson, Hudson, Landon, and Oliver!!

Oliver came home one day from daycare, he is suppose to be a police officer....
the red stuff on his lips......jelly of course from the doughnut he ate!!!

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K said...

It was a happy halloween once again! It is so much fun to see them so excited and you are so right about change of was a blast! Thanks for the fun!!!