Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun in Autumn

Best Buds
Oliver, Josiah, Hudson, Jessie, Jackson :)

Something is up with my blog post, the above picture was suppose to go in the middle but not sure what happened, so my usual commentary is below

I have probably mentioned this many times in the long time that we have had this blog but I LOVE AUTUMN, if I could have it my way, I would want fall until December 1st then it could snow and snow. I love the coolness in the air, the crisp mornings, the colours changing around me and going for walks with a nice sweater drinking a pumpkin spice latte. We went to a corn maze/petting zoo/hay ride place and it was great. A beautiful afternoon, spent with great friends. I put a pic of Jackson's grad from his old daycare. I don't know if I mentioned it before but all 3 boys are in the same daycare and it has been wonderful. Happy Fall to all of you and hopefully I'll have more posts this season!

Jackson and Ali - we miss you, thank you for everything over the years.

Jackson and his buddy Tyson. They started in the infant room together and were inseparable over the last 4 some years, I'm sure they miss each other .

After the grad ceremony a majority of the parents and the kids went to Boston Pizza, from my perspective it was a gong show, my kids were CRAZY - I felt very overwhelmed, it was like my boys took a dose of "CRAZY PILLS", hopefully the other parents didn't care.

Oliver eating his spaghetti, I'm not sure if he came up for air!!

MOM, why a picture, can't you see I'm trying to eat, I'm a growing boy!!!!

Hi Mom, "cheese" - ok I better start on my spaghetti and catch up with Oliver!!!!!

Mom says she'll have to buy a cow and more freezers when we are teenagers, I don't understand why???

Entrance to the corn maze, good buddies!!!!

Jackson and "mini me", Hudson and Oliver kept pulling his tail :)

The whole gang
Nola, Oliver, John, Jonathan, Karen, Jessie, Josiah, Hudson and Jackson !!!!

Family Picture - stay tuned, this may be our Christmas Card Pict!!!!

Hudson loved this goat, his name is "Bert", he was very friendly

Oliver kept chasing the rabbits, he wasn't sure he wanted to hold them, just touch them!!

Hudson - such a sweetie, he held about 3 of the bunnies!!!! He was trying his very best to be gentle.

"Born to be Wild" are you singing it ???


K said...

Oh what fun it is ride........Da da da da da da dah!!! That is what was going through my head the whole outing at least until John started singing " Don't you think I'm sexy!" It was fun fun fun!!! Oh yah how is your arm???
" Karen come look in this..."

Bowering said...

Rod Stewart will never be the same!! I had to ice my arm all night!!!! I laughed so hard about that last night!!!!