Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Fun

I couldn't get this picture to go in the right spot so this will do. Here is Hudson enjoying breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa Herman's house.

Summer fun is upon us and we are having so much fun I have been neglecting the blog, this is ok b/c the blog can wait while I have fun with my boys and I am on holidays too so I need to enjoy this time as well. We have been having a great summer. The boys are getting into everything and enjoying every minute of life. I turned 35 this July and John surprised me with a trip to Cuba for 1 week at a resort without the kids, we will be going in a couple of weeks and as much as I know my heart will be missing these little boys, this trip is one that is well deserved and most needed for John and I. I promise to post pics of the trip when we return, plus I'll need at add some videos of Hudson and Oliver singing. The video on this post is one John made back in December I just forgot to post it. The boys were home one day with John a bit under the weather but it is a cute video they love to watch over and over again. Enjoy all the pics and I'll try to get better at updating this blog.

Breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa Herman's at the farm, HI OLIVER - I think I see a chocolate timbit on that plate :)

The cousins enjoying a tractor ride, it was a cold and windy day.

On the bouncer that Auntie Pam brought out !!!!

At the cottage enjoying Rootbeer Floats!!! YUM YUM - Thanks mom!!!!

One of mom's pavlova's that she made, so yummy. Mommy is so thankful that Grandma Bowering taught mommy how to make this delicious dessert!!!

At the cottage on father's day. Dad and the boys all in their pj's early in the morning, enjoying the water and the beauty of the lake!!!!

Father's day wouldn't be complete without making pizza for daddy. Jackson is very focused on the sauce spreading :)

The turtle we saw one of the days we were gong home, the boys all look so curious and cautious as they are slowly approaching him, I love how Oliver is creeping up on him and Hudson is hanging back.

Here is Mr.Turtle again, I am not sure where Oliver went :)

On Canada weekend, I was busy in kitchen and looked over and this is what Hudson decided he needed in order to read, I guess the soft padded chair wasn't good enough and I don't even know how he got up there and managed to stay still and read his book.

My 3 sons on the elevator lift, I just look at them and can't believe how big they getting, look at Hudson in the middle, he seems to HUGE to me, right now H+O are eating 2-3 bowls of cereal in the morning, what will life be like when they are teenagers - they'll have to have jobs at restaurants so they can have their meals there instead of at home :)

Shucking corn at the cottage with Karen!!!

Jackson LOVES corn on the cob and couldn't shuck these cobs fast enough - when he found out that Karen was bringing corn on the cob, that's all he talked about for days.

Hi Hudson, all the kids busy helping in preparation for supper.

Hi Jessie girl, thanks for coming to our cottage we always look forward to our weekends with you guys, so much fun!!!


Good times with good friends. Starting at the left and going around
Hudson, Oliver, Jessie, Josiah and and Jackson

Campfire with smores, smores with peanut butter cups and smores with caramilk bars, so delicious.
Oliver was such a helper and got a little to close for my liking at this campfire but John kept a good eye on him.

I love this picture, look how Jessie has her arm around Oliver.

Karen and Hudson

We were treated to fun this past weekend when a man who lives on the other side of the island used our backyard as the landing pad for his helicopter. He is having a 10 day birthday bash and is renting a huge yacht with private chef and transporting people in on this helicopter. John and Jackson got a ride, very exciting!!!

At first they just wanted kids in the helicopter, Jackson was all for it and even Oliver said " I want to go..." but as soon as the door shut the above picture is what happened, so John gladly took Oliver's spot.

The man you see sitting beside Jackson is the man who is having the part!!! We were very lucky he offered a helicopter ride to Jackson.

The cottage (grey/blue) then to the right is the guest cottage. We felt this was a good picture. We feel very blessed to be able to come out here and have so much fun!!

Jackson in the helicopter. For those of you who do not know Jackson, he is a chatter bug - (I think he gets it from his dad ;) ) John said the whole time Jackson was in the helicopter, he didn't say one word.

Here is Hudson roasting, I mean burning marshmallows. He had no interest in eating them. He was just fascinated with shoving them in the fire and letting them burn to a crisp.

Here mom try this one, I made it just for you!!!!

Once again so excited to roast the marshmallows, he would burn one have me take it off then go to the bag and start on another one.

Making cinnamon/blueberry pancakes. Hudson is honestly my little helper. He loves to help cook, move boxes, he wants to try vacuum, such a good little guy!!!

Where one helps there is another to be found, thanks Oliver for mixing that batter!!!

One last helper!!!! Great Job Jackson.
Enjoy the video below!

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Hey...great update! Thanks for the fun times at the cottage. We love joining you all out there it is truly like no other place.