Sunday, May 16, 2010


As most mom's who have only boys or even have 1 boy, they know that .....they love DIRT, love, love, love it. My boys can't get enough of it. Dirt, mud, sand, you name it they love it, and they love to eat it, dig in it, scoop it, put it in their pockets, fill up their dump trucks, and most of all they love to track it all over the house which drives me CRAZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYY, I find sand everywhere, when will it end.
The sand box we had for the boys was very small, so John took it upon himself to build a MAN's size sand box. It is great, the boys love it. John did such a great job building it and then we let the kids paint it and they have been enjoying it ever since. I am so happy they have so much room to play and dig and have tons of fun!!! Enjoy the pics and the video at the end

The Thursday before Mother's Day, I had 2 of my wisdom teeth removed, one of which was on the lower right hand side which was impacted and in sideways. I spent all of Mother's Day weekend in bed and then the rest of the following week recovering. My mouth feel's 100 times better and I am getting better at eating all foods. I got tons and tons of hugs from my boys over my recuperation, thanks to John who was amazing and did so much while I recovered. Love Ya very much!!!!

Here is the sand box all built and getting ready for many coats of paint!!!

John's cousin Jay, who the boys refer to at "JJ" came over and helped on the painting. They had a blast. Oliver is excited!!!

Hi it's me Oliver, can you believe that mom and dad are going to let us paint the sand box. I can't wait.

Hudson was also excited, he seemed to enjoy this fun party the most!!

Painting away, they put so many coats on this edge, we kept telling them to move to other areas but they seemed to be focused on this area.

Hmmmmm, which colour should I try.

We just used the colours we had in the basement in storage.

Working hard and having fun.

The lawn got a few coats as well.

The sand finally arrives and Jackson was such a great helper!!!!

Best buds, having a great time!!!

Even Hudson and Oliver got in on the transferring of the sand!!!

All Done!!!!

Signed by all the wonderful artists!!!

You mean we really get this all to ourselves!!!!!



K said...

So SO SO SO sweet!
We can't wait to come and play in the awesome new sandbox!!!! Great work John! Watching them painting was cute, they looked so proud!!!


Jenn said...

So cute!! We also need a bigger sandbox at our house!!

Scyzor said...
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joven said...
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joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..