Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hi Everyone, I love being silly, we are all playing in the back room in the basement, mom tries to keep the back room nice and tidy but can you see in the background that we have destroyed it. We love to go and play in the back room and make a big mess!!! What fun!!!!
Enjoy the 3 video's on the blog, we love playing the drums. Our best buds Jonathan, Karen, Josiah and Jessie love playing rockband with us!!! Karen hands down is the best singer, I know my mommy loves the drums and Daddy and Jonathan, they rock at guitar and bass!!


K said...

Such a great update! Those boys sure love to rock out! Always a blast to play rockband at he Bowerings!!! I am in no way the best singer.......just to set the record straight!

LP said...

Rock on boys, rock on!

Anonymous said...
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