Monday, January 18, 2010

Meeska Mouska Mickey Mouse

Hudson and Oliver turned 2 on January 13th, 2010. These past 2 years have flown by so fast, I can hardly believe it. We celebrated with a Mickey Mouse themed party on this past Saturday, my boys are so big!!!

I look at this above picture and cannot believe how little these 2 monkeys used to be. Now, they are running and getting into EVERYTHING and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Jackson loves his little brothers so much and our lives have changed with having twins. We are incredibly blessed and so thankful for these two boys!!! Enjoy the pics!!!

On our actual birthday mom made our favourite - spaghetti bake, it was delicious, I kept wanting to put my hand in the fire, but mom wouldn't let me.... I just wanted to see if it was hot:)

Mom bought these cupcakes and I chose the one with the Dora ring, I think Hudson got the Winnie the Pooh one, I'm really happy mom made me spaghetti bake, I could eat it every night, it is a bit messy, but that's ok.

I like this picture, look at Hudson in the background, he is totally eyeing up what Oliver is opening, I bet he's thinking, will there be a dinosaur for me??

Oh good there is he's red and orange and Oliver got the green one!!!

Mom was very excited about these large Mickey cloth bags, she said they will come in handy when we go to the cottage :) Mom you are silly!!!

Hudson was very excited about his puzzles!!!

Thanks for the puzzle mom. Oliver told me he will take good care of these puzzles and he will not lose any pieces.

Hudson and his dinosaur!!!

Oliver loves to read and was very intrigued by this soft/touch-feel book that Uncle Jamie and Aunt Cathy gave him - thank you Auntie and Uncle, we miss you so much!!!

Even Jackson got a dinosaur from his friends, it was for being such a good big brother!!!

Ooooooooo, check out all this Mickey Stuff, I LOVE IT!!!!!
A cup, a sweatshirt.....

and a Mickey placemat.......I LOVE IT!!!!!

Thanks J,K,J,J for this cool stuff

Here's our crazy mom again, she worked very hard for our party, she kept saying, I'm so happy I didn't have triplets...what does that mean.... a party for twins is like having 2 parties, it can't be that stressful, can it ?????

This was after all the gifts had been opened, I had to go thru everything later that night, to look at everything again, things were a bit CRAZZZZZYYYY - but a good crazy, I had so much fun and I love throwing parties for my kids, it is one of my favourite things to do as a Mom.

Hudson got a tigger and Oliver got an Eeyore, I thought I'd match the characters on their toothbrush, sounds like a good idea right?? Well they fight over that tigger, they could care less about Eeyore, I think I may be heading to the Disney store to buy another tigger :)


Hi it's me Jessie - Hudson's girlfriend... I have a secret, whenever we come to John and Nola's, I find Hudson and we do things like empty all the potato chips out of Nola's pantry, it's so much fun to dump them all out and then crush them between our fingers!!!!
Thanks Jessie for wearing that sweet Minnie dress - way too cute!!!!

Here's the supervisor - he did very well being the older brother and watching his brother's open all the gifts. He is having fun playing with all of Hudson and Oliver's new toys. Jackson you are a cutie, thanks for taking such good care of Oliver and Hudson, they would be lost without you!!!

Woot Woot
I was so happy with how this Mickey cake turned out!!! The boys loved it and yelled Mickey as soon as they seen it!!!! I wonder what next year's cake will be!!!

I got a second cake which was an ice cream cake, it was very good.

Happy Birthday Boys!!!!

Hurry up Oliver eat faster, maybe mom will give us more, this is the best party of the party, eating lots of sweets!!!!!

A Mickey Balloon for Hudson !!!!

A Mickey Balloon for Oliver!!!

Josiah and his sister and parents stayed right til the end, we were so happy they stayed so long, we hang out with them all the time and enjoy their company and friendship, Jackson, Hudson and Oliver have developed such a wonderful bond with Josiah and his sister Jessie, we look forward to many many years of fun with them.
"What a Blessing ;)"

Hi it's me Jessie again - Oliver's girlfriend, I have a secret, whenever we come to John and Nola's I like to find Oliver and get into things like tonight, we opened up the cooler, decided it would be fun to scoop out the ice and play in the water. Honestly I just call out to both of them and one of them usually joins me in a little fun, they are they best!!!! Thanks guys for playing with me and having lots and lots of fun!!!!

Here are my boys with the blankets I made them, Jackson of couse in John Deere, and then Hudson and Oliver in the Mickey Blankets I made for their birthday.

Hudson LOVES to hide in the pantry, it thinks it is hilarious when we walk around calling out, "Where's Hudson"... "Where could he be"... he waits patiently until we find him......

Oh Hudson... there you are!!!!!

Last night, John went up to put Jackson to bed and found Oliver and Hudson in our bed. They messed up the blankets then opened my jewelry boxes, put on my necklaces and bracelets and had a blast just chit chatting away. If you click on the picture it should appear larger and then you can see Hudson(in red) with bracelet's on his arm.
What sweet monkeys!!!!


K said...

Great Blog Update. It is crazy how little they were.....and how now they just love to tempt our daughter down these wayward paths of trouble! The girl is a sucker for those twinkling eyes!!!! I will consider the possibility that Jessie plays a small tiny role in in the mischief that goes on!!!! Ha!
Great party Nola! We had a blast! Happy Birthday Oliver! Happy Birthday Hudson!

Ali Kat said...

I can't believe you let them in your Jewelry box!! I guess we'll see what happens when my boy starts getting into stuff ;)