Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Pics

Here are just a few pics of the boys. We just recently celebrated Grandpa's birthday and now we are about to head to Thompson, MB for one week - I'm sure we will have lots of pics from that adventure. Life here continues to go well and we are having a fun summer which is going by sooo fast. Hope you all are doing well. Enjoy the pics.

Mom, I better just have a taste to make sure this is ok for us to serve to the guests - we wouldn't want anyone to get sick!

I think its ok, but I might have one more taste just to make sure :)

Uhmmmmmm, still not sure, I think its ok for the guests but you better let me taste it again.

I think mom figured out by now that I just wanted to eat the batter and the cream cheese icing, I sure love helping mom bake, she always lets me help in the kitchen - I still want to be a firefighter and a farmer but maybe I can add chef to the list as well.

My 2 supervisors!!!!!

My cute boys!!!!!

Finally the finished product, grandpa really liked them!!!
Uncle Matt and Jackson flying the kite!!!

Lady's Man

I thought Jackson looked really cute in this outfit so I had to snap a pic!!!

Someone gave Jackson these cowboy boots, I think they are adorable, I can't wait for him to wear them, I'll definitely have to take a pick when he wears them

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