Monday, June 09, 2008

We've Been Busy

Hi Everyone, Hope you all are doing well. We are doing great, life for us has been busy. I will try to update you what we have been doing for the past month of May. Firstly, Mother's Day was fantastic, my boys spoiled me with breakfast in bed, another figurine to add to my Willow Tree collection, some mixing bowls and the best part a Kitchen Aid Mixer, it is black and I love it, it is the best thing ever, I can't believe how well it mixes. Again it was a fabulous day and I was definitely spoiled all weekend long :)

May long weekend weekend was so busy for us, we redid the front of our house, put down woodchips and bought 3 nice planters and I planted flowers, I have to admit they look very nice. We also repainted our kitchen, lemon drop and apple crisp, we also bought a new kitchen table and chairs, I will post more pics of the kitchen at a later time, we worked so hard but it was worth it the kitchen just seems more cheery, I just need to find some matching accessories for the walls.

The last weekend in May we headed to Minot to see my sister Val and my other sister Darla had flown in from North Carolina with her family. We had a blast, the weather was fantastic, nice and hot and one night John and I stayed at a hotel and we all went swimming. It was Hudson and Oliver's first time swimming and they didn't care for it, I'm convinced that the pool was way too cold so we'll try again soon. Jackson just loves swimming and he was becoming more and more brave, jumping off the side and just having a blast with his cousins. It was a great time, the trip home proved to be a bit exhausting as John and I both came down with bad colds and the trip home just was soooo long, especially with Jackson and his potty training b/c he would say he needed to go and then we'd pull over to the side of the road and he didn't have to go but felt the need to tell us about the grass, tractors, dirt, and rocks, he did this more than one time so we were very happy to finally arrive home :)

This weekend we headed to Saskatchewan to spend more time with family. Jackson LOVES the farm he can't get enough of it, when he first got to the farm he immediately got a tractor ride and was thrilled - he drove it and if we would of let him he probably would of slept in the shed with the tractors. The second night, he wouldn't go to bed, he was crying and crying that he needed to say good night to the tractor, soooooo grandma herman took him out to the shed he said good night to the tractor, combine, and garden tractor, he came in the house and said "mom, I said good night to the tractor, now they will be ok" and off he went to bed. When he woke up in the morning he said "mom, do you think the tractors are ok?" and today when we left he went into the shed touching each piece of machinery saying "good bye tractor, I love you, see you soon" He is definately a farm boy. We spent a lot of time with family, we played outside almost all weekend, the cousins sure had a good time and our ride home went alot smoother this weekend.
We really had a wonderful time this past weekend in Saskatchewan, I am really glad we made the trip home and that cousins all get along so well.

Hudson and Oliver continue to grow like weeds, they can't get enough rice cereal, as I spoon the cereal in to one's mouth the other wants theirs and this contines the whole way thru, I only use one bowl, one spoon, it is much easier this way and its a good work out for me as well.

We are looking forward to getting out to the cottage soon, this year will be a bit more work, packing for 3 kids but thats ok - I wouldn't change it at all. This upcoming weekend is father's day and Hudson and Oliver turn 5 months old, wow time sure flies by. I hope you all enjoy the pics.

Come on mom and feed us we're ready. Hudson thinks smiling will make mommy move faster, Oliver just doesn't seem to care :)
Jackson's first trip to the zoo, he's with his buddy Josiah, they had a blast, all Jackson seems to talk about from this trip is that the tiger was sleeping and that he loved the camels :)
Oliver and Hudson shared a crib at Aunt Val's house, they just migrate towards each other and this is how they woke up in the morning, Oliver is in the yellow and Hudson in the blue.

Hudson and Oliver's first trip to the zoo, I don't think they will remember it.

Aunt Darla and Uncle Travis bought Jackson this John Deere hat, he is so proud of it and just loves it.
We rode the kids train in Minot at Rosevelt park, Jackson is patiently waiting to ride it.
Here are all the cousins minus Hudson and Oliver, they were sleeping
Logan, Lauren, Ava, Jackson, Tyler, and Riker
Oliver and Hudson on the train, poor little guys are tuckered out

Here's the whole family on the train
Aren't we adorable :)

My sister Darla and her son Logan

Jackson on the train

Proud daddy and his buddy
This is my sister pam holding Hudson and grandpa herman is holding Oliver,
they look like they will be John Deere lovers as well.
Look how excited Jackson is, we pulled in the driveway about 10 minutes earlier and he's already in the tractor :)

Ava, Jackson, and Tyler

the 3 cousins hanging out in grandpa's truck

jackson on the garden tractor, when we go to home depot, he sees the garden tractor and he says "dad, there is so many they're EVERYWHERE - I love you John Deere "

On Saturday I made 2 pavlova's (I'm not sure if that is the correct spelling but they are soooo Yummy)

Here is pavlova #2, note the lovely serving tray:)

My cousins from my mom's side came to the farm with their kids and we had a blast here they all are playing
back row Tyler, Preston, Jackson, Riker, Xander, Xvaier
front row Lauren, Avan, Hudson, and Oliver

My sister Val, sister Darla, me, cousins, Melissa and Darlene (my sister Pam couldn't make it this evening)


mr zig said...

I should not have read your blog right before lunch!@ - Those pavlova things look soooooo good, and now I'm STARVING! hehe

Ali said...

Thanks for the congrats on Ellery, and I have to say, I think she would be a lucky girl to get to date any of your little men :)

Jen said...

Hi Nola, thanks so much for leaving me a comment. It is wonderful to hear that people are enjoying my passion and hard work. Your pavlova pictures are gorgeous, too! Please feel free to post whenever you want...questions, comments, ideas, whatever! Take care.