Saturday, May 17, 2008

3 months old and 4 months old

I know I know.... where have I been..... busy is the answer. Life around here is fantastic but very very busy, we are loving every minute of it. I will try to update you on what has been going on in our lives... On April 13th, Hudson and Oliver were dedicated at church, it was really nice, Jackson was also dedicated at 3 months so it was nice that this happened in April.

At the beginning of May we traveled home to Saskatchewan for my grandma's garage sale, she has been in a home for a bit now and we decided now was the time to do that. We had a really nice time with family and Jackson LOVES the farm - he couldn't get enough of it - he ate dirt and collected tons of stones - he is your typical boy. Jackson is also telling us he wants to be a fireman when he gets older, it is cute and he is mastering potty training so well, I am so proud of him he is becoming a big boy more and more everyday!!!

Hudson and Oliver continue to do well, Hudson rolled over today for the first time, Oliver better get at it :) They both are just getting over colds but are doing well, laughing and talking lots and each loving their own cribs. Hudson loves to stay up late and chat with mommy and daddy, he is also the early riser. Hudson also needs mommy a bit more, where Oliver is more laid back.

We have been going on lots of play dates and just having as much fun as we can. I am trying to take in every moment as I can... our plan is to have no more children so I am reminded each time Hudson and Oliver do something that this will be the last of it such as "last time you get that excited feeling they first laugh" or "first roll over"..... I realize there will be tons of more first times for them each day as they grow older and older but you just don't realize how fast time flies by. Life is busy but I wouldn't trade it for anything, I LOVE it - yesterday i was in superstore (for you americans, this is large grocery store, kinda like a super walmart or target) anyways, some woman past me and said TWINS? I replied "yes" to which she replied "WHAT A NIGHTMARE" - I wanted to ask miss debbie downer what here deal was, but I happily replied that it isn't a nightmare and we, as I always say, are incredibly blessed.

enjoy the pics and I promise to email more soon. I'm sure there is more that we have been doing but I just can't remember right now, we are just enjoying hanging out as a family.
hope all of you who read this are doing well.

My friend Brenda has twin boys as well, so here you have Hudson, Ethan, Oliver, and Julian
My little bug a boo Hudson

My cutie patootie Oliver
Hudson and Oliver's dedication, Pastor Trevor is holding Hudson and Pastor Eric is holding Oliver
Here is Jackson trying out Grandpa's new boat
I bet Jackson can't wait to drive this boat when he gets older
Here are Riker, Lauren, and Jackson in Grandpa Herman's tractor
Grandpa gave us a ride as well on the garden tractor, Jackson is obsessed with these lawnmower tractor - the good thing is that he loves John Deere - spoken like a girl who was raised on the farm
Oliver and Hudson just chillin :)
In the Tractor again
We do have our own cribs but sometimes we like being together
Who is who???
Hudson on the left Oliver on the right
Jackson loves football, we will take him to his first Bombers game this year, I can't wait!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pics! And good for you for taking everyone out on playdates. That's a lot of work! Way to go, Mom!!

Ali Kat said...

They are so beautiful! Looks like you guys have lots of fun :)