Thursday, January 17, 2008

We Get to Come Home

Hi Everyone, I have been anxiously awaiting the time I could write a post about my experience of the arrival of these two little peanuts. This delivery was absolutely and completely opposite from Jackson's delivery. The fact that my contractions came out of no where and we had to rush to the hospital was crazy. I also know now what women talk about when they say the epidural is AMAZING, I can totally agree with that, but as you read from John's earlier post, I was not dilating past 8 cm and the drug they gave me to speed up the labour was not working at all and actually turning out to be bad for babies, so we decided for a c-section. Now normally women are awake for c-sections but in my case, they froze me to the max and I still had feeling in my belly so they had to knock me out, not the best case but I wanted what was best for baby so after awaking and groggily asking, what did i have? I finally got to meet my 2 sons about 3-4 hours later.
Having a c-section is completely different from a vaginal delivery and I can honestly say I don't know which one I prefer and I can say that I have not slept in a few days, I am the milk machine to my boys but hopefully they will realize that I am more than that :)

Our stay in the hospital was a little nutso as we had to share a room for 2 days and then got moved to a private room, my roommate was wonderful and the nurses were so helpful. I just cannot believe these boys and we both agree they are identical and will take some time to getting used to identifying . Soon we will be able to tell them apart, it is nice to finally be home and Jackson is in love with his new brothers.

I am going to rest now but we promise to update with more and more pictures as soon as possible!!!!!!

We're ready to go home, Oliver on the left, Hudson on the right!!
Dad I hate my hat, lets get moving
Mom thinks our take home outfits look like gangster outfits.
Here we are ready to go home!!!
Mommy loves holding us both!!!!

see ya later, we are heading out to the van!!!!!

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