Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Can't Wait for Christmas

Hi Everyone!!! Hope everyone is doing good. I am doing great, tired but really I cannot complain. I am officially off of work and it feels really weird to me. Although it is best to be off of work b/c I get so tired, it is still weird to me to be off b/c I always had it in my head I'd work until the end of January but that is only when I thought there was one baby in my tummy.

Both babies continue to do very well and are growing at the same size. I can differentiate between each baby when they kick, I know which was is doing the kicking which I think is crazy. They both kick lots at night time, its almost like its play time for them, so I think thats cool. I pray everynight that these babies come sometime in January, I hope this happens. Ultimately our goal is to have healthy babies, but I would really like them to stay in my tummy for as long as possible.

We haven't really been up to much, we all just got over the flu and that wasn't pretty. Now I am trying to slowly get all my Christmas decorations up. They usually are up every year by the November 11th weekend but with having the flu and being so tired, it is a work in progress, soon I will have them all up. John is scared when the basement gets finished b/c he says this will give me and opportunity to go out and buy more decorations, I can hardly wait.

John turned 30 on November 3rd, and he of course got the XBOX 360 so he is HAPPY. Now we are getting ready for Jackson's party. Jackson turns 2 on December 4th, we will have his party on December 1st, I am excited about it and I know we will post lots of pictures for that.

Well that is about all for now, I am going to rest on the couch, enjoy our pics, some from Halloween and others are just random.

We are counting down the days to Christmas, this is my favourite time of the year!!!!!!

Man, this is the life, Mom and DAd pulling me around as I go to each house and get candy, I'm lovin it!!
This house was great, I got tons of candy.....thanks grandma and grandpa for the candy
I sure love my mom and she loves me we are the best of friends!!!!!! Did you know there is two babies in mommy's tummy, I think they are girls, mommy thinks they are girls but daddy thinks they are boys, guess we will find out soon.
Our friends got together and threw us an "unconventional" baby shower, all the people in the picture plus others who are not pictured, chipped in to buy a sheet or 2 of drywall, then the guys got together and spent the whole day drywalling our basement as we need more space with 2 babies on they way. This was absolutely wonderful, we cannot say thank you enough, we just feel really blessed to have such wonderful friends.


Mark said...

Disembodied "baby voices" sure are funny. Who knew so many adults could talk like that.

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