Monday, October 15, 2007

Jackson's Big Boy Room

Hi Everyone!!! Well I'm surprised I have another blog up so quickly. I guess I am just excited about Jackson's room.

The last weekend in September we headed to Fargo with our friends and had a great time, hanging out and shopping. Then for Canadian Thanksgiving we headed to Minot to see my family which was nice b/c that will probably be the last time I see them before the babies arrive. We had alot of good fun in Minot, ate alot of good food and I enjoyed shopping with my sisters.

Jackson is doing well, he has taken a couple of tumbles down the stairs and now looks at the basement stairs saying "boom boom" "stair fell". We think falling once at home and once at Aunt Valerie's will give him a greater appreciation of the stairs.

Like I said at the start, we are so excited that Jackson's big boy room is done. He no longer sleeps in a crib and although it makes me smile to see him being such a big boy, I'm a little sad to see how fast he is growing. He loves his room and say "airplane, airplane" all the time. I'm sure Aunt Cathy appreciates this room, for those of you who don't know, John's sister is a pilot!!!

My friend Joanna came over, she is a fantastic artist and she painted the mural on Jackson's wall. John had painted the walls earlier and then Joanna came over and did the airplanes on the wall. The airplanes hanging from the ceiling are Jackson's birthday gift from Aunt Pam, they match perfectly with his room.

We hope you enjoy the pics of his room as much as we do!!!!

Twin babies are doing fine, measuring exactly the same size and I am doing well also. I get tired very easily, the doctor said I am six months pregnant but measuring the size of an 8 month pregnant woman. I am taking it easy and we just hope this pregnancy continues to go well and that hopefully they will come in the early part of January.

Again enjoy the pics.

Hi Everyone!!!! Grandpa, you should get a boat like this for the cottage!!!!!
This is so much fun, I think I'm a pirate!!
Hurry up Dad and take the picture, I want to go in the water!!!
Mom, we really need to go to a hotel every weekend, this is so fun and relaxing!!!
ARRRHHH ARHHHH Matey!!! I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!!
Look how much fun this pirate ship is..... so many adventures.
Mom make sure you stay at the bottom to catch me!! I'm brave but not that brave.
This is Joanna, she is so sweet, I had to stand behind the gate while I watched her and Mommy in the room, Mom wouldn't let me in, something about me getting paint everywhere.... I would never do that :)
There is my wall, isn't it great!!!!!! I love it!!!!
You may think airplane overload but I love all the different planes and colours, I love my bed, Bryan and Tara-Lynn didn't need it anymore, it is great, just my size, thanks Bryan and Tara-Lynn.

I think this is Dad's favourite plane..... Mommy likes the red one that hangs from the ceiling.

I am so happy no more crib.
Hi everyone, mom says the bruises on my forehead will go away soon. I am avoiding those stairs, they definitely do not like me! I love my new sheets, mom searched for a long time to find the perfect ones. Thanks mom.

Again my wall, I just love looking at it!!!I hope Aunt Cathy takes me in a plane one day, that will be lots of fun.
Well I hope you enjoyed my room, I love it, thanks mom and dad for all your hard work. I'm going to play for awhile.... mom and dad you can extend my bed time for another hour .... right???

Below is a video dad took of my room, we are just getting ready to leave for daycare it is way too early in the morning so you'll notice I don't have alot to say.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks amazing! So is the next job a nursery for twins!?!? You are looking great Nola!

Jill :)

Cathy Bowering said...

Yes Jackson,
I will take you up on a plane as long as you don't push any buttons, okay?
Aunty Cathy