Saturday, July 14, 2007

Birthdays, Surprises, and Summer OH MY

Hi Everyone!!!! Yes I know what you must be thinking..... and yes, it is about time I have done a new post. Honestly, life has been busy for us. But we are thankful that summer is here and we are loving our time at the cottage. Things with us have been great, no complaints here. Jackson is home from daycare for the summer, I am so thankful to have the time with him and just realize how much I miss him. Jackson is finally walking, he decided to finally give it a try at the very end of June. Jackson has always been a very laid back, relaxed boy. I think he gets it from his dad. I can just see it when he is a teenager..."Jackson please clean your room"...." don't worry mom, its not messy, chill out, it will be fine"...... "Jackson don't you have an essay to be working on"......."don't worry mom, its not due for another 2 weeks!!!!!" I am happy that he takes his time with things, it definitely gives him his own little personality and I like that.
Jackson also talks up a storm. He always has something to say. He loves the outdoors, he loves cars, trucks, buses, boats......he is your typical boy. He loves DIRT, digging and playing in it and of course eating it!!!!! He is loving the cottage this year, he is a big fish, we can't keep him out of the water. He also helps us drive the boat and loves to go on the big waves. We have some new and older pics below, I promise to be better at getting more pics to you of Jackson. Like I said we've been busy the past little bit, I hope things will slow down.
We really don't have any summer plans, we are heading to Saskatoon for a wedding in August but for the most part we will be maxing and relaxing at the cottage. I will get you pics next time of the new guest cottage, it is absolutely wonderful.
Well that is it for now, enjoy the pics!!!!!
Hi Everyone, I am trying to get away from mommy, I have a big surprise to tell you all....... I am going to be a big brother!!!!!! Thats right, mommy is pregnant........the baby is due on January 29th. Mommy is officially 3 months, she has been very sick for the past 3 months so that explains why she hasn't been blogging. She just needed to take care of herself and make sure that baby was ok. I AM SO EXCITED TO BE A BIG BROTHER. Mom and dad are also making me a big boy room. Guess what, it will be an airplane room. You should see my bedding, I love all the airplanes, mom will hang lots of different airplanes from the ceiling. When dad finishes painting it and mom finishes decorating it we will take pictures!!!!!
Here goes John and Matt climbing the cliff at an area close by to the cottage.
I think if the cliff was higher they would try to go all they way up, I guess 25 feet will have to do.

Next year mom will definitely, try it... well maybe, just wait mom until I'm older dad and I can jump together!!!!!

Hey Mister DJ put a record on, I want to dance with my baby!!!!!!!!!
I love daddy's headphones, he uses them for video games on the computer but I think they look way better on me!!!!!
Ok dad.... I think I have everything tied down tight enough, I think the tire needs a bit more air.
I wonder if anyone would notice if I got in and took a little spin....VROOOOOOM
Mommy takes me to this park lots!!!!! I love this tractor, it is so much fun!!!!!
This is my friend Victoria's car, she has lots of neat things at her house.
Here we are on the dock at the cottage, getting reay to go for a swim. I love the cottage!!!
I like to hang out in this boat as well..... mom and dad put water in it for me, so much fun!!!!!
What is this........keep filling up that bucket!!!!!
My new favourite fruit.......watermelon, I can't get enough of it.
The mosquito's got ahold of me, they really like my blood!!!!!!
Mom and I have so much fun swimming in my car!!!! Mom is a fish like me, we could stay in the water all day!!!
This is my buddy Sugar, I see him at the lake on Sundays!!!! He is so nice, he barks at daddy.
Got Dirt
Don't worry mom, I'm just making sure everything is growing fine here, I won't touch your tulips!!!
here are the 4 musketeers......This is Victoria and her mommy Christine and me and mommy, we hang out all the time. We are such good friends. Victoria is going to be a big sister. Victoria's mommy will have a baby at the beginning of December....what fun.
Ok thats enough for me right now, I am getting tuckered out. Oh ya it was mommy's birthday on July 10th and we spoiled her rotten. Daddy got her a gift certificate to the Ten Spa..... it looks really nice, mommy can't wait to go. I gave mommy a Willow Tree Angel, well its not really an angel but it is a mommy holding a boy. Mommy cried when I gave it to her. Daddy also surprised mommy this past friday and took her to the Bombers game and I hung out with Grandpa and Grandma. Mom said it was a good game she just really wanted to Bombers to win. Well I will tell mom to put more pictures up soon. Bye for now.


Stefi said...

Hey its steph! just read your most recient post. Congrats! thats so exciting!!!

Enjoy your summer!

Ciao for now!

Gainell said...

You write very well.