Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Jackson

Hi Everyone, today is Jackson's 1st birthday!!!!! I cannot believe he is 1. This year has gone by so incredibly fast for us, John and I just cannot believe what an incredible year we have had with Jackson, so much has happened. I found myself watching the clock today, waiting for 1:30pm to come, the time Jackson arrived into the world. Its crazy how vividly you remember things so clearly from such a long time ago. We had Jackson's party this past Saturday and he had an amazing time and so much fun!!!!!! We hope you enjoy the pictures. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, today I am offically 1. Mom says I am no longer a baby but that I am a big boy. I sure had a great party, mom and dad did a great job. Enjoy my pictures.

First mom let me eat pizza, cheezies, and ice tea. She said it was my day and I could eat whatever I wanted and be in any mood I wanted. I chose to be in a happy mood, and boy those cheezies are sooooo yummy!!!!!!

After pizza was opening my gifts.... I had such a great time. Mom helped me rip open the presents. I loved them all.
Here I am again, Mom told me I had to stop playing and get ready for me cake.
What a great cake you can see part of the yellow trip is missing, I had to taste it, you know, to make sure it was ok for mom and dad to serve to the guests.

Mom got this cake from Safeway, she said she will make cakes herself when I am a bit older.

I am so glad this is a chocolate cake!!!!! As you can see Dad forgot to put a bib on me.

I even decided to pretend that the icing was shampoo, it was great rubbing that icing in my hair

I also pretended that I was fingerpainting with all the icing

Pizza $45 dollars.... Cake..... $20... Seeing Jackson all covered in icing..... Priceless
This is my good buddy Josiah, he is having a good time at the party.

Mom and dad sure had a fun time. Dad.... is that pizza in your mouth?

Here I am with sticky icing hair, I wonder if mom will give me more cake :)
Here we are having some cake and pizza, mom put of lots of streamers and balloons, it was great, dad helped as well. I really appreciate their help!!!!!
Here is a picture of all my gifts...... dad.... i mean I really wanted an XBOX 360.... just kidding, I had a power nap and then woke up and I wasn't very happy when mom and dad took this picture, but I really love all my gifts they are fantastic, I love playing with everything.

Victoria, give me back my cookie.
Sometimes I like to sleep like this.... I find it very relaxing.

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