Saturday, June 17, 2006

We got a pool

We wanted to get a little pool that Jackson could sit in. We have one that's about 2 feet across that we got at the dollar store. We were looking for something a bit bigger but we wanted it to be inflatable so we could fold it up and possibly take it to the cottage. Anything bigger then 2 feet costs about $30-$40. As we were looking we found that we could get a much bigger pool for a little more then twice that much... so we bought a 12 foot pool!

The pool is 12 feet across and 2 1/2 feet deep. It has a pump and filter and is chlorinated. It's small enough that about $25 of chemicals will last us all summer. We decided to save the grass and set it up on the deck. I had no idea how long it takes to fill one of these things up.

It took like 3 hours.
We picked up a pool cover that helps heat up the water and today when we went swimming the water was 90 Fahrenheit! Very nice. Jackson loves it.

We have also uploaded more pictures to our Flicker site here.


Anna said...

Hey Nola!
That pool looks so cool! I'll have to look into getting one of those, although I guess I need my own house with my own yard first!
Jackson is just adorable!
Take care,

Buckets said...

What's "The Latest?" :)